One of our core tasks is further education and training on all current topics in optometry. We are passionate about developing the optical industry by constantly exchanging information with our worldwide network of experts. We share knowledge from the latest research and ensure an international flow of knowledge that is unique in this industry.

Upcoming Events

A few events require registration in advance. Open the respective link and register via the formular. Shortly before the event all participants will receive detailed information via email.
23rd & 24th September 2023

8.00pm CEST

Alumni-Meeting Benediktbeuern 2023

We are happy to announce Prof. Scott Cooper, Prof. Graham Erickson, Prof. Dr. Frank Schaeffel, Prof. Dr. Thomas Neuhann, Dr. Jochen Wittibschläger and a few more outstanding highly recognized speakers!

27th & 28th September 2024

8.00pm CEST

Alumni-Meeting Benediktbeuern 2024

The speakers will be announced soon

The possibility for registration will be available soon! 

Previous Events

All previous lectures are found online in our Members Area. Please join us and benefit from the great know-how of national and international optometry specialists .

12th & 13th November 2022

10.00pm CEST

109th Workshop of INTERLENS e.V.

An exciting program with various speakers at the H+ Hotel "Limes Therme" in Aalen.

Speaker language: German

11th November 2022

11.11am CEST

Symposium with anniversary celebration afterwards

We celebrated the symposium "Future of Optometry", which was held in German. This was followed by the celebration of the anniversary of the Bachelor and Master programs including the presentation of the Karl Amon Optometry Award at Aalen University. Other highlights were the eulogies to Prof. Diepes and Prof. Dr. Kümmel for their many years of effort.

We want to thank the many top-class speakers who joined the great symposium. We also want to thank the great number of graduates and other friends of the study programs who registered to the remarkable event.

12th November 2022

3.00pm CEST

Aalen University Graduation Celebration

Graduation Celebration of the alumni of the Master's degree at Aalen University.

University-wide celebrations including honoring the best students of the year.

24th March 2021

Refraktive Chirurgie: Was sie schon immer darüber wissen wollten, sich aber nie getraut haben zu fragen

Speaker: Isabel Neidhart, M.Sc. Vision Science and Business

22th Februar 2021

Continuing Education: Ocular rosacea case

Speaker: Dr. Natasha Tetlow

16th November 2020

Practical cases of fitting contact lenses in keratoconus. Topography - procedure - troubleshooting

Speaker: Christiane Schaucher
M.Sc. Vision Science and Business
staatl. gepr. Augenoptikerin

12th October 2020

Is there a relationship between dyslipidemia and meibomian gland dysfunction?

Speaker: Eugene Appenteng Osae, O.D., PhD Candidate

20th September 2020

Sudden onset of Diplopia

Speaker: Thomas Holl, O.D., M.S.c.

5th July 2020

Various Lectures - Online - Lecture - Weekend 2020


  • Prof. Dr. Hannu Laukkanen -> CN4 palsy
  • Dr. Nina Müller -> Grand round cases
  • Oliver Buck M.Sc. -> AMD
  • Prof. Dr. Matjaž Mihelčič -> Bifocals and progressive addition lenses in children after congenital cataract surgery
  • Prof. Dr. Joanne Caruso -> Ciliary Body Melanoma
4th July 2020

Various Lectures - Online - Lecture - Weekend 2020


  • Prof. Dr. Hannu Laukkanen -> Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
  • Prof. Dr. Lorne Yudcovitch -> OCT angio and emergency glaucoma treatment
  • Tom Köllmer M.Sc. -> Grand round cases
  • Damjan Žunić M.Sc. -> Grand round cases
  • Prof. Dr. Bina Patel -> Non retinal ocular complications related to diabetes
24th June 2020

Viral Keratitis: Management Fundamentals

Speaker: Lorne Yudcovitch, O.D., M.S., FAAO

2th June 2020

The Art of Restoring Vision: 18mm of Life Changing Plastic!

Speaker: Dr. Natasha Tetlow

19th October 2019

Guideline for abnormalities of the central retina

Speaker: Tom Köllmer, M.Sc.