Optometric care of clients after concussion and traumatic brain injury

Dr. Hannu Laukannen (Pacific University)

Seminar times: Monday, 3.10. as well as Tuesday, 4.10. from 9am to 5pm
at Aalen University

Dear Functional Optometrists, finally we have the chance again to attend a top-class seminar that will help us in our work with people after traumatic brain injury (SHT). Dr. Hannu Laukannen, professor of Pacific University will give us 2 days of his concentrated knowledge.
He will work with many videos of affected clients, but also give the opportunity for practical exercises.


A significant proportion of individuals who sustain concussion or mild brain injury have lingering visual problems that are often unrecognized by optometrists who see them after a brain injury. Visual complaints following brain injury are not only frequent but diverse and complex. Similarly, many visual functions are also diminished by brain injury/concussion including dynamic elements of accommodation, vergence, eye movements, and perception. Optometrists who are knowledgeable about vision and brain injury have a unique opportunity to help brain injury survivors improve their visual function, efficiency, comfort, and quality of life. Successful treatment may be as simple as prescribing single vision lenses along with prism, tints, binasal occlusion and vision therapy. Dr. Laukkanen will introduce the attendees to the basic neurobiology altered by brain injury, important tests to administer plus treatment methods and demos for attendees. He will also provide seminar attendees with a German language copy of his validated symptom survey (BIVSS), strategies for prescribing lenses, binasals, tints and prisms along with valuable vision therapy techniques useful for this patient group. Video examples of brain injury-related visual deficits and treatments will be shown.

Dr. Laukannen will show his vergence & accommodative training routines as well as Pediatric TBI with return to learn and return to play guidelines.


Participation fee: 480,- €
Early bird discount for bookings until 20.08.22: 450,- €